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Curtains & decorations

Offer for maintenance of curtains and decorations including hanging up/down in hotels and other buildings (trans-regional)

Whether thick drapes in the theatre, curtains of whatever size with and without electric or mechanical draws, decorations or small folding blinds in your home – we are the specialists when it comes to cleaning and caring of these usually difficult textiles. We offer a first-class all-round service including hanging up/down.

Specialised enterprise for flame-retardant impregnation according to B1 DIN 4102

Alltex is a certified specialist for coated and flame-retardant curtains. We not only clean and care for them, we also impregnate them with a flame-retardant according to B1 DIN 4102. We issue certificates on this, which are essential to obtain official permits and which need to be presented to the fire brigade. We also offer this service for flame-retardant impregnation with certificate Germany-wide by mail following prior consultation and offer. This is a service for decorators, architects, etc. This certificate is vital in order to meet fire protection regulations according to the German Places of Assembly Act (all rooms with more than 60 people).

The trans-regional service offered by your curtain laundry in Cologne

We offer our service for curtains and decorations daily and – if need be – also on Sundays and public holidays. Our service comprises our journey to your premises, taking down of the curtains, cleaning, care and, if necessary, treatment of your textiles as well as delivery and hanging up. Why not visit us, see our premises and let us convince you of our capabilities. We can also visit you to discuss your wishes.

We are happy to advise you in detail!

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